Church Membership

We believe that membership in the Body of Christ is both vital and spiritual, and that it can only be brought about through believing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It cannot be produced or maintained by putting your name on a church membership role. This experience forms the personal side of salvation; the vertical relationship between the individual and the Lord.

When we respond to God's call for repentance and faith, the Holy Spirit, in a mystical way (yet on judicial grounds) places is into the Body of Christ, the Church. But this information of mutual love and submission with other believers must be practical and this is the point of church membership.

To teach the concept of our corporate life, the Bible uses two examples: a building and a body. Peter tells us that we " living stones, are built up a spiritual house... " (1 Peter 2:5). A house constructed of stones is built by joining stones with other stones. Becoming a living stone and then remaining alone speaks of desolation. Stones scattered and independent are not only useless but also a cause of stumbling. Fullness belongs to the whole body not to any one part. We need to be related to each other as members of Christ's Body.

New Hope is a slogan name given to a group of people who meet at 1801 Daniels in Vancouver, WA. We form a small part of the larger Body of Christ in this city. We are a people who recognize the need of mutual submission and relationship; who have made a commitment by joining ourselves together for fellowship, teaching, and mutual ministry.  

Because New Hope meets in a building it is composed of individuals. As individuals it is important that we have some organization. It is only in this manner that we can mutually accomplish business and ministry that will further the world of God's kingdom on Earth. To expedite the various legal actions that are encountered by this local church and because of our philosophy and doctrine, we are a member of a larger organization called INTERNATIONAL CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL, a non-profit corporation.

Every legal corporation is constituted by "legal members". According to "Articles of Incorporation and by the bylaws of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel," the members of this organization consist of: 

 - Officers and Directors

- Ordained & Licensed Ministers with current credentials

- Members in good standing of chartered Foursquare Churches

Each person who fellowships in this congregation is invited to make application for membership into the larger body of believers called "Foursquare". Membership requires that certain qualifications be met and that broader responsibilities be accepted by the individual. We pray that God will speak to your heart and by responding to this invitation He will assist you in making this commitment.