Membership Qualifications

In order to become a member of a Foursquare Church, a person must possess the following qualifications: 

- Must have shown evidence of a genuine born-again experience and Godly Christian character

- Must have been baptized by water immersion

- Must be at least 9 years of age

- Must subscribe and adhere to the doctrine of the Foursquare Church as outlined in the Declaration of Faith (available by request)

- Must submit to the rules and regulations which pertain to membership

- Must be willing to comply with the provisions of the articles and bylaws

Membership Privileges

Members in good standing shall be entitled to: 

- Participate in all church activities (except voting privileges are limited to those 18 years of age and older)

- Elect qualified council members and other officers

- Serve the church in whatever capacity for which the may be called

- Attend District and International Foursquare Conventions

- Be represented int he affairs of the corporation through delegates at corporation meetings

Member Responsibilities

Foursquare members shall serve the church by their faithfulness in fellowship, perseverance in prayer, generosity in giving, diligence in missions, dedication in devotion, readiness in responsibility, always working to the best interest of their church individually and collectively. NEW HOPE does not take annual pledges from its members. The church is supported financially by tithes and freewill offerings.